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Written By: Ryan Miday

Cleveland has a fascinating history. Ordinary and colorful people and their institutions and circumstances make up history, and typically history is understood from the eyes of observers. I’m interested in documenting Cleveland’s history through the eyes of its participants.

I admire how Louis ”Studs” Terkel documented the grainy experiences of life in his 1974 book, “Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do.”  I equally admire William Buckley’s critical examination of the ethos of our revered ivory tower institutions in his 1951 book, “God and Man at Yale.”

Trying to capture, in words, the essence of somebody, something, or sometime drives my writing. Elie Wiesel’s personal account of the Holocaust in his 1960 book, “Night,” or Upton Sinclair’s revelations of the conditions of the meat packing industry in his 1906 book, “The Jungle,” represent this endeavor at its highest level.

My aim is to write a good story that moves the reader like listening to a beautiful song or the sight of an ominous sky before a storm.

Much appreciation for visiting this site.
Ryan Miday



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